Hi everyone! I have decided to create a new blog that provides information about the long series of novels that I have worked on since middle school (don’t worry – the entire series has evolved significantly from when I first set out to write this series).  I do have several points to address and questions that I’ve been wrestling.

In advance, I apologize if this post sounds rambling and repetitive. I want to get the layout of this blog done and then get back to writing my novel!

1. Why a new blog?

Well, as I said I’ve been working on this series for a long time and there’s only been two people who have read the entire novel so far. I don’t plan to post the entire thing on this blog, but I will post questions and pieces of it to try and get feedback. On my main blog so far, I haven’t gotten as many comments as I would like, but I am thankful for the ones I do receive. The only way to get better as a writer is to receive feedback. So, I’m hoping this blog will fair better in the comments department. So, that’s your guys’ task. Mine will be to actually write – and to improve my writing skills.

My main blog can be found here: Being a Creative Writer.

2. Here are some questions for you writers out there (or hypothetical ones if I get no responses lol). Is writing a full-time thing for you? Is it a hobby? Do you want to get published?

Are any of you working on novels? How are they going? If you have a site you’d like me to checkout/want feedback I’ll do that.

3. Hmm, right now I can’t think of much else to say… I’m trying to figure out how I want to organize this new blog and also what kinds of posts I will do. I don’t think I want to post my entire novel online, but I do want to share pieces with everyone, and definitely get feedback.

Maybe I would like to self-publish someday… Any thoughts? Has anyone reading this ever thought about self-publishing versus the “traditional way”?

4. Random Note:

One of my short stories has been accepted, so take a look at my first self-publication for an online serial, “Don’t Look Back, You’re Not Going that Way” on Channillo!

Cover - Don%27t Look Back JPEG

Series Description:

If only the past didn’t exist. Kara has finally found her ex-boyfriend, Ethen, who was held hostage and tortured by a mysterious man. But, it is not a happy meeting. The moment she steps into the eerily white room, she knows what Ethen will call her: “Murderer.” However, she also knows there is nothing Ethen could say that would make her love him any less, and nothing she could say that could invoke his forgiveness. She believes that no amount of time together can change that.

Unfortunately, there is only one way to escape this desolate and isolated prison and they both know it. So, Ethen and Kara and trapped together in her car, forcing Kara to not only endure Ethen’s hostility and questions, but also to relive and confront their dark past together. Through this forced time together, she must accept that the only way to move forward is to let the past overwhelm you first. And, together Ethen and Kara explore the truths and lies and they must accept that while love can blind you to the truth, it can also lead to redemption.

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