Here will be some general information about the series.

What is this Series?

It’s hard for me to explain how this series works, but here it goes. The series is set in another world that I created called Mondomistico. The inhabitants are all known as “Misticans” not as “people” or “humans.” That is because all the inhabitants are sustained via magic energy.

The series will have three different “book sections” (at least so far that’s the plan). I say “book sections” for lack of a better term, because within each of these three books is two books. One book written from the male main character, Chris, and the other written from the main female character, Lily. These two books have distinctly different stories, but the stories overlap due to the fact they take place at the same school and the two main characters know each other and have many scenes together.

Doing the math that means – at minimum – the entire series will consist of 6 books ( 3 * 2 )

However, so far I have four books written – albeit they are all in a heavy revision stage. These four books are all part of the “first book section.” (originally it was only two books – one from Lily’s perspective and one from Chris’ perspective, but there was too much going on so I separated them into Book 1 – Lily part I and Book 1 – Lily part II and Book 1 – Chris part I and Book 1 – Chris Part II.

Right now I’m wondering whether this is all making sense. I feel like I’m rambling to myself. But this is my blog and I can write what I want (for the most part).

Anyway, mostly for my own sake – to keep me writing and motivated (I’ll need a lot more motivation) – I’ll post information about the world I created and some pieces from these books.

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